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Production Organization

Production System

High quality, safety, and a stable supply are demanded of medical equipment.
We establish strict standards for quality control and use a variety of testers and analyzers to verify safety and quality during the production process, from reception of parts to product shipping. Assembly is carried out by our highly-skilled staff of specialists.

To provide products that our customers can trust and rely on, we have obtained ISO13485 certification, which is an international standard for quality management systems for medical equipment. We will continue to create products of ever higher quality, maintaining a constant focus on "guaranteeing product quality", "enhancing stable supply functions", and "improving production efficiency".

Manufacturing processes and environmental initiatives

The sterilization method used in the sterilization process is gas sterilization by ethylene oxide. Ethylene oxide is a Class 1 designated chemical substance as designated by the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) system. The objective of the PRTR is to encourage businesses that handle various toxic chemical substances to improve their control of these substances by identifying the amounts of the substances that are discharged into the environment, and thereby prevent damage to the environment caused by chemical substances. Ethylene oxide is one of the designated chemical substances and it is required to register its amount of emission to the environment.

Taking this as an opportunity, we undertook an initiative to improve our control of ethylene dioxide and reduce the amount emitted into the atmosphere. In particular, we installed a catalytic oxidation system, and by performing catalytic treatment of emitted gas (decomposition by catalytic oxidation), were able to reduce emissions of ethylene oxide to zero. Our catalytic oxidation system is an electrothermal catalytic oxidation system with a discharge flow of 10 cubic meters per minute and a treatment efficiency of 99.9%.

The Ministry of the Environment has taken an interest in our initiative and has visited us to observe our system. In this way, concern for the environment is reflected in our production activities.