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Production Base

Izumi Assembly Center

Incoming Inspection Facility

Parts manufactured at other factories are inspected here prior to being assembled.
Projectors and other equipment are used to check part sizes to a micron-level precision.

Sterilization Room

Assembled products are sterilized in this room.

Clean Room

Employees who work in the clean room change to dust-free clothing and wash their hands with sterilized water.
The employees also pass through an air shower before entering the clean room. A clean environment is always maintained in the clean room.

Shipping Inspection Room

A final inspection (inspection for actual use) of products assembled in the assembly center is conducted here.
Products that pass are shipped to the distribution warehouse.

Packaging Room

A visual inspection of products to be shipped to the warehouse is conducted and the products are packaged here.



2-6-2, Ayumino, Izumi-city, Osaka, 594-1157


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