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Compliance Activity

Based on our corporate philosophy, "Contributing to society by understanding the medicine of today to create the medicine of tomorrow", we strive to build good relationships with the many stakeholders that surround us. Needless to say, this starts with ensuring that each of our employees strictly obeys the law and regulations, as well as company rules, and acts in a way that respects social norms and follows corporate ethics. In other words, thorough "compliance" is essential.

We have worked to increase compliance awareness by establishing company rules and committees, and by creating systems related to compliance based on the preparation of rule manuals.
As a link in this endeavor, we have prepared the "Daiken Medical Action Charter", which contains key points that each employee is to particularly bear in mind. This charter stipulates points of action that all employees, regardless of rank or job description, are to undertake.

Using this action charter as a guide for the daily work of all employees, we strive to spread compliance awareness so that each employee acts in a conscientious and responsible manner, as both a Daiken Medical employee and a member of society.


Employee Education

The Compliance Promotion Committee works to ensure that all employees understand the contents of the "Daiken Medical Action Charter" and the "Standards of Employee Behavior" and use these as guidelines for their daily work. The aim of the committee is to heighten compliance awareness and prevent and mitigate risk.

Help Line

We have established an office where employees can ask questions about compliance and report problems, and we have also set up a "Help Line" to enable an early response to potential risks of non-compliance with laws, regulations, and company rules. Callers are protected so that no one suffers harmful treatment due to having consulted the Help Line.

Compliance System Organization Diagram

Compliance System Organization Diagram

Daiken Medical Action Charter

Management Philosophy and Action

Contribute to society by constantly pursuing consumer/user needs and satisfaction, and by creating and providing new value.

Disclosure of Information

Communicate widely with society, disclose company information positively and fairly, and maintain transparent and healthy management practices.

Corporate Citizens

As good citizens of the company, respect human rights, actively participate in activities that contribute to the company, and support employee activities.

Protecting the Environment

Recognize that protection of the environment is an important management issue, and strive for harmony with the environment by promoting energy conservation, reduction of waste material, recycling, and other activities.

Respect for the Law and Stance toward Anti-social Forces

Strictly observe laws and regulations and maintain a good social conscience in our actions. Sever all relations with anti-social forces that are the focus of criticism from society.

Public Trust (Just and Upright Corporate Behavior)

Conduct appropriate business transactions based on free, fair, and transparent market competition, and give top priority to public trust in management and business activities.

Corporate Environment and Human Rights

Work to create a corporate environment that motivates each employee to fully utilize his or her abilities. Respect the individuality of each employee and encourage each employee to maximize his or her creativity and specialized talents.

Acts of Donation and Contribution

Maintain impartial and transparent relations with political, administrative, judicial, and other public institutions, and with social entities such as customer and research institutions.

Responsibilities of Managers

Directors and top-level managers are to recognize that it is their role to implement the charter, and acting as an example to others, are to ensure that all employees understand the charter. In the event that a violation of the charter occurs, they must identify the cause, disclose information, clarify responsibility including their own, and take measures to prevent reoccurrence.

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