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Infection Control

FitFix Suction Container System

FitFix Suction Container System

The safest & the most widely used medical disposable suction system in Japan.
Our patented completely closed disposable suction container system allows the most effective and the easiest way to control contamination. FitFix is the alternative to other disposable suction system and glass jars.

Our remarkable patented process provides the safest working environment. Unlike other well-known conventional products, our system turns biological waste liquid into solid without having to open the container. Therefore, FitFix can reduce infections and create ideal and safer working environment for healthcare workers

The solidifying substance allows stable and immediate solidification of aspirated biological fluids, helping to reduce cross contamination resulting from spilling and splashing.

Patented overflow protection system, "Flow Stopper", is one of our remarkable features. Once the fluids reach the top, "Flow Stopper" stops aspirating automatically.


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