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COOPDECH Syrinjector 60mL/120mL

COOPDECH Syrinjector 60mL/120mL

COOPDECH Syrinjector operates by atmospheric pressure. It adapts the force of vacuuming. Our patented structural design accomplishes the most ideal flow rate due to the constant driving pressure.

In comparison with the traditional infusers, the flow rate is much more stable and accurate.

Visible volume scale allows you to confirm the medication is flowing through pump and determine consumed medication and remaining time.

Compact, accurate, easy to use, silent, environmental friendly.

Various flow rates are selected easily by our patented precise flow regulator, "Spiral Flow Selector".

Syrinjector offers wide range of flow rate (from 0.5 mL/h to 12.0 mL/h)

60mL and 120mL capacities are available.


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